How Well Does Your Website Rank?

Getting your website noticed and found online is not as simple as publishing it live and waiting for the people to come flooding in. There is so much competition on the internet for every single subject right now, you need to take the next step. There are ways to have your website found. There are ways to set it above the rest. It is a still-growing and evolving process known as website search optimization, and it could be just what you need in order to get ahead of the competition.

  • Why?
  • Before we get into what website search optimization actually is, maybe it would be better to address why it is so important. The internet has grown around the fact that virtually everyone who uses it begins their internet experience with a search. Over 80% of all internet users start with a search every single time. And about 85% of people who perform web searches will only ever click on the first five organic results that come up.

    Your goal in website search optimization is to naturally and organically get your search ranking up to that top five, preferably to number one. By being there, you are far more likely to be clicked on, and more people will see your site in general. As such, you will see a decent increase in traffic, which can equate to an increase in business as well.

  • Online Search Engine Optimization Guide
  • The proper name for the procedure is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. SEO is all about using your website, its content, relevance to your desired keywords, and how your website is referenced outside of your own site.

    Websites are ranked using a search algorithm. This algorithm takes many factors into consideration and tallies them all up, making the search results a rank of relevance to just what was searched for. Using SEO, you want to pick a few keywords, when people search for them, you are to be the first result that is provided. As such, you will want to base the bulk of your SEO campaign around making sure that your site is related to those words.

  • Basic SEO Tips
  • Make sure that your website is aesthetic and functional. Create a blog. By creating regular and relevant content like a blog, you are indexing 400% more pages than a site without a blog, which increases your overall presence on the internet, which the search algorithms notice. See what you can do to impress other pages and organizations that are in your field. If they like you, they will link to you, which increases relevance. And, of course, just hiring an SEO company can do wonders.

If your website is not quite getting the traffic and sales that you had initially anticipated, there is a good chance that it is not being found. If you start some SEO work on it, either on your own, or by hiring the knowledgeable professionals to handle it for you, then you will most certainly see positive results. After all, going from the fifth page of rankings to the third is a marked improvement, right?

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