Month: June 2013

  • The Best Strategies For Maximizing Marketing

    Each month, there are approximately 4.9 billion searches conducted online. That means that nearly two thousand searches are being performed every second. There are billions of people on the internet, and that is why it is a place where businesses are looking to market. The widespread use of the internet has allowed companies to take […]

  • Gain an Edge Over the Competition with SEO News

    Considering that Google has been the number one search engine for years now, it is nice to think that its founders have retained somewhat of a sense of humor, as evinced by its first tweet, “Im feeling lucky.” The influence of Google on every business cannot be denied, since every legitimate business places a considerable […]

  • The Advantages Of Online Marketing For Web Businesses

    92 percent of adults that are online in the United States make at least one search a day. More than 55 percent of consumers begin their research of a service or product using a search engine, while only 24 percent visit a company web site and just 18 percent use social media. Inbound leads that […]

  • Can a Great SEO Strategy Increase Your 18 to 34 Year Old Customer Demographic ?

    It is a verifiable fact that 42 out of 100 people who do web searches will click only on the top rated link. As well, web users typically ignore paid ads in favor of pursuing their top organic search results. This is information worth considering for those businesses who need help coming up with an […]

  • The Best SEO Strategy Is to Offer People Great Web Content

    The best seo strategy is to develop great content. If you are a business owner interested in internet marketing, then listen up. As you might have heard, SEO marketing is search engine optimization, and comes in various forms. Some IT people can reshape your web design to make it more friendly to search engines while […]

  • SEO Marketing and Business Websites

    Everyone by now has heard of the Google “doodle” right? On the off chance that you haven’t heard what this famous “doodle” called the “Burning Man” was all about the following explanation will fill you in on it. The Burning Man doodle was a unique idea the co founders of Google came up with to […]