How SEO Marketing Could Benefit Your Company

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Google is probably both the most important and famous website in the United States. What many people don’t know, however, is that Google rankings are incredibly important in terms of garnering business exposure. Many times, people turn to Google to look up products or services, and most of the time, they click on the top-ranking organic results. Therefore, it pays for companies to do everything in their power to become that top-ranking organic result.

Amazingly, 92 percent of online adults in the United States perform at least one search per day. Search engines are many people’s home pages in their internet bro Continue reading “How SEO Marketing Could Benefit Your Company”

Why Your Search Engine Ranking Matters

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You may not realize it, but online marketing is the best way to ensure your company’s success. In 2012 alone, almost 90 percent of adults and teenagers browsed and researched products online, and many of these queries resulted in sales. With more than 100 billion global searches conducted every month, you have to make sure that your website finds its way to the first page on search engines via competent marketing strategies.


Since most people never look past the first search engine results page, a poorly marketed website may never be seen by the majority of users. This means that websites with high search engine rankings end up on the first page, and users are most likely to visit these sites, and even make purchases on Continue reading “Why Your Search Engine Ranking Matters”

How Your Business Can Land High in the Google Rankings

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On February 26, 2009, Google sent out its first-ever tweet to the world at large. Its content was both an in-joke to the service’s humble beginnings and an oddly prophetic message about the ways social media and search services would become interlinked in the coming years: “I’m feeling lucky.”

Since then, search engine optimization has become a leading force in the online marketing world. In fact, over 100 billion online searches are performed every month globally. That means if you’re not aiming to land high in the Google rankings, your site could be missing out on a potential flood of traffic.

But when pursuing SEO and other search marketing basics, it’s imp Continue reading “How Your Business Can Land High in the Google Rankings”

SEO Marketing and Business Websites

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Everyone by now has heard of the Google “doodle” right? On the off chance that you haven’t heard what this famous “doodle” called the “Burning Man” was all about the following explanation will fill you in on it. The Burning Man doodle was a unique idea the co founders of Google came up with to let people know that they were at a festival in Nevada. They used the burning man doodle back in 1998. Since then there have been all kinds of doodles released by Google.

Google is one of the major search engines on the internet. It gets about 70 percent of the search engine market share for users. Every month there are 100 billion or more searches conducted online by people from all over the world who are using a search engine. When the search results come up for these users, 42 percent of them say they will only click on organic links. This is why search engine optimization is so important for websites.

SEO helps websites gain the highest ranking on search engines like Google. Website owners want the highest ranking they can get because they get more internet traffic coming to them from the search engines. You have to make sure you have professional SEO work done on a website though. Only the SEO firms can keep up with all the changes in search engine algorithms.

SEO firms also offer SEO reseller programs to anyone interested in partnering with them to sell SEO plans and packages. SEO firms use up to date reporting tools and are experts in online marketing and search marketing. It is much too difficult for a single website owner to handle all of the SEO work that needs to be done to a site and for a site. Countless articles need to be written and submitted to article directories too. The articles are used mainly for links back to the clients website. Find out more by contacting a reputable SEO firm today.

If You Ignore The Latest SEO News, You May Never Find The Information You Need

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Google is famous for their doodles, and the first one was in 1998 and depicted the Burning Man to show that the founders were off at the famous festival. If you are looking for SEO news, there are resources that you can turn to learn some great information of your own. Finding the best sources of news will allow you to find out what the latest techniques are to increase the rankings of your website might be. Getting help from professionals is the best way to help you get more traffic to your website and you will find a marketing firm that can assist you in accomplishing this.

During the time that Google was a research project, the founders stored the 10 GB hard drives that the PageRank algorithm was on in a storage compartment made of LEGO bricks. With the right SEO news, you will be able to see what the latest methods are for increasing search engine rankings. Selecting the best marketing company to work with will give you the help that you need to create a campaign that gives you the results that you have been looking for in order to get new customers.

One of the best methods for increasing traffic is by having a blog since with one, you could experience 434 percent more pages indexes, helping you to get more traffic. Finding the right source of SEO news will allow you to find the right kind of information to teach you about what sort of marketing changes you need to make. Getting the best marketing campaign is important in order to get increased listings in a search engine. Once you hook up with a qualified marketing firm, this information will be at your fingertips.

SEO leads have a near 15 percent close rate, where as outbound leads such as print marketing only have slightly less than 2 percent close rate. This means when you need help with SEO, you want to read the best selection of Seo news so that you will know what you need to change on your website. With professionals on your side, you will have the greatest chance of getting new leads to your website.

Research shows that 42 percent of all web users only click on the highest ranking search engine results. When you are looking for assistance with increasing search engine rankings, you need to hire professionals. From the latest SEO news, you will know what direction to go in.

Internet Users Only See the Best Web Pages Do They See Yours?

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If you are a business owner, here are a few facts which should catch your attention. Three quarters of internet search engine users never scroll past the first page. Does your company’s website show up on the first page? More than half of consumers research a product with an internet search. That’s much more than visit a company website or social media platform. 42 percent of internet users click on the top ranking organic search result. 57 percent of B2B marketers say that search engine optimization marketing or SEO marketing has an enormous impact on their lead generation. And nearly half of mobile device users look up product reviews using that device.

This is why SEO tools for SEO reporting are so important. And there are SEO reporting firms which can help improve a company’s presence on the web. What does this mean? Basically, it means increasing a company’s Google rankings. SEO reporting is one of the best ways to improve the presence of a company on the web.

Search engine rankings are among the most important ways to ensure that a company stays engaged with the web. There are a lot of companies that believe they can keep their online content up to date. But this is not often the case. Frequently, a company will fail to map their updates according to trending topics. It is for this reason that SEO reporting will probably grow increasingly important to company operations. The strongest companies are fast becoming the companies which can best articulate their messages on the web.

Ensuring that people are hearing that message is what an SEO reporting firm can help with. Many of these firms use a pay per click method which allows them to monitor the success of various campaigns. It is for this reason that search engine optimization is changing internet marketing forever.