How to Get Higher Google Rankings

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You may think that you are very creative when it comes to your tweets, but check out how Google does it. The first ever tweet sent by Google was on Feb. 26th, 2009, and was actually binary code for “I am feeling lucky.” When was the last time you sent a tweet in binary code?
While Google may have a great sense of humor when it comes to tweets and its Google Doodles, the search engine giant and its Google rankings are very important to any business who wants to have a successful website.
More than 100 billion global searches are conducted online each month, with Google receiving between 65% to 70% of the Internet search engine market share. So in order to drive visitors to your site, you should strive to attain h Continue reading “How to Get Higher Google Rankings”

How SEO Marketing Can Make or Break a Small Business

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Online marketing is a relatively new innovation in the marketing world, but today, it’s one of the most important tools a small business can utilize. In particular, the practice of SEO, or search engine optimization, can take a website to the top of the Google rankings through hard work and plenty of quality content. However, successful Internet marketing requires that all the moving parts of your business reach a singular harmony. Here are some great SEO tips to remember as you work toward making that happen:

SEO leads have a better close rate.

SEO leads are what are called inbound leads, meaning your potential clients can come looking for you, instead of the ot Continue reading “How SEO Marketing Can Make or Break a Small Business”

Wondering Why Your Website Has No Traffic? Wonder No More!


If your website is struggling to gain page views, your search engine ranking could be to blame. Regardless of if you have a great product to sell or excellent content for people to read, nobody is going to visit your website if they cannot find it. And if you have a low search engine ranking, most people are going to be unable to find your site on Google, or any other search engine for that matter.

Even if you have a strong social network presence, you are less likely to get more views than if you have a high search engine ranking on Google. While only 18 percent of consumers start researching products on social media like Facebook or Twitter, more than half (58 percent, to be exact) start by using a search engine. Continue reading “Wondering Why Your Website Has No Traffic? Wonder No More!”

Google Rankings and SEO Reporting

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Search engine optimization is the process by increasing the visibility of a website or web page in natural search engine results. Natural results being those that are unpaid, not sponsored hits that Seo marketing increases through such tactics as social media advertising, blog entries or online articles among others. The most popular search engine on the internet, and a word so closely correlated with internet searching in contemporary time, is Google. Google has expanded beyond just providing just a online search engine tool, now featuring its own social media network, web brow Continue reading “Google Rankings and SEO Reporting”

Gain an Edge Over the Competition with SEO News

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Considering that Google has been the number one search engine for years now, it is nice to think that its founders have retained somewhat of a sense of humor, as evinced by its first tweet, “Im feeling lucky.” The influence of Google on every business cannot be denied, since every legitimate business places a considerable stake in its website, online marketing scheme, and SEO news. Considering the fact that over 90 percent of adults with internet access searches online at least once per day. Couple this with the fact that nearly 90 percent of web users 14 or older viewed merchandise online during 2012, and the value of search engine rankings, especially Google rankings, is clear.

Although the sheer number of web users who research their purchases online is important, businesses should also be aware of the fact that around 40 percent of those folks turn to social media for further information. As such, SEO marketing, SEO blogs, and Seo news have become fundamental to the most successful companies. Of all these SEO tools, none is more important than SEO news.

One of the most crucial factors in finding success in the realm of online marketing is to remain abreast of all the latest changes on the web. After all, companies will not be able to take advantage of the newest online marketing opportunities if they do not know about this. For this purpose, SEO news can help companies remain up to date in regards to the latest internet technologies. Additionally, SEO firms that provide clients with the best SEO news, can also provide for them the most cutting edge SEO solutions to capitalize upon that information.

When it comes to SEO, the uniqueness of each company requires for different approaches and online marketing plans. Regardless of the approaches different companies take, the bottom line is that businesses understand the ways in which they can benefit from SEO news. The bottom line is that companies that want to remain at the forefront of their industries, it is essential that they enlist the services of the top SEO firms.