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Search engine optimization is the process by increasing the visibility of a website or web page in natural search engine results. Natural results being those that are unpaid, not sponsored hits that Seo marketing increases through such tactics as social media advertising, blog entries or online articles among others. The most popular search engine on the internet, and a word so closely correlated with internet searching in contemporary time, is Google. Google has expanded beyond just providing just a online search engine tool, now featuring its own social media network, web browser, laptops, street view maps, shopping and many, many more unique add ons. Despite all this, Google rankings and SEO reporting are still a vital part of the Google functionality.

Google incorporates its own page ranking system when concerning which pages appear earlier during searches. This algorithm, which has not been publicly revealed, is called PageRank, and is actually named after Google co founder, Larry Page. Google rankings functions effectively as SEO reporting for the search engine giant. SEO reporting is the information on web visibility through searches and what pages, key words and phrases are receiving more exposure and why. Despite not revealing their own algorithm, it has been found that organic clicks generate 25 percent higher conversation rates than their equivalent Pay Per Click counterparts on Google. It is well documented that internet users tend to avoid and even ignore sponsored ads when using search engines. SEO reporting has found that creating organic conversations about a topic through online discussions focusing on keywords and phrases is the most effective way of increasing web visibility.

Google continues to expand its proprieties at a rapid pace, now often shifting towards improving services on mobile devices. In 1998, Google introduced the very first front page doodle, depicting the Burning Man and intended to merely inform people that co founders Page and Sergey Brin were attending the famous Nevada festival. In 2009, Google aired its first ever tweet… binary code translating to I’m feeling lucky. Currently Google, as well as many other leading online companies, have begun transition more and more services to personal devices. With a large percentage of internet users owning smartphones and tablets, the personal device market is a key area of online business. As of 2012, over 70 million users shop online using a cellular phone, computer tablet or other mobile device. It is easy to see why so much time and development is being shifted to improving online marketing on mobile devices.

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  1. Google clearly knows what they are doing when it comes to web exposure. there really isnt much left to do on the internet that doesnt involve google.

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